Current 2020 Presidential Betting Odds For Eric Swalwell

There is a good reason why you are not going to find the current Presidential betting odds for Eric Swalwell. As election season moves forward, candidates are bound to drop out of the competition. Rep. Eric Swalwell was the first out of the mainstream candidates to do so. The current 2020 presidential betting odds for Swalwell – a US Congressman from California – are non-existent, and at this point in the election season, it is impossible to put your money on Rep. Swalwell Democratic primary and general election odds.

Rep. Eric Swalwell saw the writing on the wall and officially dropped out of the race in July. He makes history by being the first 2020 Democratic candidate to drop out of the race. He has not officially endorsed anyone just yet, but it is doubtful that any of the other candidates are begging for him to do so. While his odds are gone, there are still plenty of other ways to bet on the 2020 presidential election odds. The field is still open and it is anyone (other than Swalwell's) game right now.


Is It Legal To Bet On The 2020 Election?

Despite the fact that you can no longer bet on Rep. Eric Swalwell, it is absolutely legal for you to bet on the 2020 elections. Online offshore sportsbooks have been offering odds on the Presidential elections for decades. It has always been legal for people to bet on the elections. But, if you are in a state with legal sports betting, do not expect the sportsbooks to have action on the elections. There are laws put in place that prevents them to have odds on the elections. Like we said though, that in itself doesn’t outlaw legal election betting.

Best Sites To Bet On Eric Swalwell Odds

Although odds on Eric Swalwell no longer exist, there still are websites where you can go to bet on the upcoming elections. These websites are offshore and out of the reach of US jurisdiction, so they have no problems having odds on the elections. The websites we recommend down below have offered odds on the elections for years and we use them ourselves all the time. Read our reviews of these online offshore sportsbooks to discover why we use these sites to bet on the elections.


Bovada Sports BettingIf we had to recommend only one online offshore sportsbook to bet on the 2020 Presidential election odds, it would have to be Bovada. This website is the absolute industry leader when it comes to posting election odds. Even though his chances were minimal at best, Bovada had Eric Swalwell betting odds when other sportsbooks doubted him. Bovada provides an even playing field for all candidates and we cannot recommend this website enough.

If you are now interested in signing up for your free Bovada account, now is as good of a time as ever. Bovada has a 50% Welcome Bonus that will give your account a 50% boost on your first deposit for up to $250. Even though you cannot bet on Swalwell anymore, you can use that money to explore the site and discover other candidates you might be interested in. Or use that money to bet on your favorite sports. We highly recommend you give Bovada a shot if this sounds interesting to you at all.


SportsBetting SportsbookDo you want an online offshore sportsbook that is constantly updating its odds? Then you definitely need to check out SportsBetting. This website has the fastest reaction time to what is going on and is constantly updating their odds. Unfortunately, you won’t find Swalwell odds here because of how consistently the site updates their odds boards.

But don’t let that discourage you from signing up. You can still use SportsBetting to bet on the other Presidential candidates or even your favorite sports. This is especially true if you are a user of cryptocurrencies. The website offers an exclusive 100% deposit bonus for the first time you use cryptos on their site. All you need to do is use the promo code 100CRYPTO when you are depositing at the cashier, and you will receive a 100% bonus for up to $1,000.

2020 Presidential Candidate Bio: Eric Swalwell

Representative Eric Swalwell is a member of the Democratic party and he is currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives for California. He is planning to become the next president of the United States. Rep. Swalwell was born on November 16th, 1980 in Sac City, Iowa. He will be 39 years old by the time the 2020 elections have concluded. He currently listed his religion as Christian, although he has not specified what denomination. Rep. Swalwell is currently married to Brittany Ann Watts and they have one son together.

Representative Swalwell initially started college at Campbell University in North Carolina on a soccer scholarship. He ended up breaking both of his thumbs which ended his scholarship. He then transferred to the University of Maryland. In 2003, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in government and politics. He later earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Professional Background:

Representative Eric Swalwell immediately entered the political atmosphere during his time in college. He interned for former Representative Ellen Tauscher in the U.S. House of Representatives. After he received his Juris Doctor, he became the Alameda County deputy district, attorney. He then served in a number of commissions afterward. He later moved on to win a position in the Dublin City Council back in 2010.

In 2011, Representative Swalwell declared that he was going to run for Congress in California. Rep. Swalwell went against Pete Stark, who has been in the U.S. House of Representatives longer than Rep. Swalwell has been alive. Rep. Swalwell lost this race. In 2012, Swalwell once again ran against incumbent Pete Stark. Stark refused to debate Rep. Swalwell, so he hired an actor to take Stark’s place during debates. Swalwell did a number of similar stunts during the campaign. Rep. Swalwell ultimately won the race and is currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.

During his time in the House, Representative Eric Swalwell recorded a video of him voting against a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks and uploaded it to Vine. This was contested as an illegitimate vote due to the fact that the House has rules against recordings, but Rep. Swalwell said those rules were created in the eighteenth century. He introduced a bill that would allow Americans to deduct charitable donations from their taxes that help relief in the Philippines after they were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. He also created a bill that would look into the foreign interference for the 2016 elections. He also said on the record that he wants to repeal the No Child Left Behind Act and increase funding for education. Many of the policies he has backed as a U.S. Representative was the foundation of his 2020 campaign, especially when it involves gun reform, healthcare, and education. But, Swalwell is no longer running for President as he was the first candidate to drop out.