A Different Kind Of Strategy: Inside Joe Biden’s Campaign

  • Joe Biden currently holds the best odds in the polls for the 2020 Democratic nominee race.
  • Research shows that more than half of voters in the Democratic party are over 50 years old.
  • Biden references the Obama era when discussing his plans to gain a broader reach.

NEW YORK – Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaigning strategy is highly different from that of his opponents. Leading in the latest polls, there may actually be a method to his madness. It is a common belief among America as a whole that Democrats or Liberals as they are now widely known, are from the younger generations. While that is how the media has played it out, Biden’s people know this to be false.

While doing research for his campaign, Biden’s team found out exactly what age group he should be appealing to for the majority vote. Over half of registered Democrats are 50 years old or over.

“The fact of the matter is the vast majority of the members of the Democratic Party are still basically liberal to moderate Democrats in the traditional sense,” Biden told reporters in early April.
Almost 60% of registered Democrats are over 50 years old and are the target of Biden’s entire campaign. He is also playing to voters that are nostalgic for the days of Obama. These are his top two priorities to win a spot in the 2020 Presidential Election.

How Does This Strategy Work?

When it comes to advertisements on both the internet and on television, Biden has focused his ads to appeal to the older audience. It is the older voter that makes up the majority of the Democratic party.

“I think older voters would tend to be more pragmatic, and by that, I mean simply the assessment going on is, What’s the goal of this election?” said South Carolina Senator Dick Harpootlian to The Atlantic. “The vast majority of Democrats, I think, are pragmatic about that. Who is our best choice to go toe to toe with Donald Trump in 2020? Clearly, in my mind, it’s Joe Biden.”

The other component of his strategy is to draw in votes from those that miss the Obama era. Due to his former Vice President status under President Obama, Biden does not have to work nearly as hard to get his name out there. Everyone knows who he is. However, when he speaks, he makes it known that he would like to continue the progress that was happening while Obama was in office.

“The things that we did in the United States as president and vice president of the United States, I thought they were pretty progressive,” Biden said during an interview on The View  in April. “People have to take a look and see I’ve been very progressive on things that really matter for the vast majority of people.”

This strategy is the complete opposite of anything the other Democratic nominees are doing. But it seems to be working well for the former Vice President. Putting all of his focus into these two parts of his campaign have given Biden the top spot in the election polls. He currently election odds at +425 to win the Democratic vote for the 2020 Presidential election.

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