Georgia Senate Races

Georgia Senate Runoff Betting Odds Outlook

(R)Kelly Loeffler is favored over (D)Raphael Warnock in the Georgia special election. The runoff elections for the Georgia Senate races are scheduled for January 5, 2021. (R)David Perdue is the betting favorite over Jon Ossoff in the Georgia Senate runoff …

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris

A Peek Into The Betting Odds For The 2024 Presidential Election

Sportsbooks are already accepting bets for the 2024 Presidential Election with odds posted for the event. Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are both tied for the top spot with odds of (+300). WASHINGTON – With votes still being counted for …

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Joe Biden

Biden Favored In Swing States: Why Bettors Are Leaning Blue

Joe Biden still has -280 odds to win Arizona even after being declared. Donald Trump has +360 longshot odds to win Pennsylvania despite having a strong lead. The Trump campaign is pushing to stop the count of electoral votes. WASHINGTON …

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Beth Van Duyne, John James, and Thom Tillis

Biggest Possible Political Betting Upsets From Election Day

(D)Candace Valenzuela (-150) was beaten by underdog (R)Beth Van Duyne in the Texas 24th Congressional District. (R)John James (+225) is beating (D)Gary Peters (-345) currently in the Michigan Senate Race. (R)Thom Tillis has a slight lead over (D)Cal Cunningham in …

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(D) Candace Valenzuela vs (R) Beth Van Duyne

Best Bets For Two Of the Closest House Of Representatives Races

(D)Candace Valenzuela is a -150 favorite over (R)Beth Van Duyne in the Texas 24th Congressional District House race. (R)Don Bacon is listed at -135 odds to win Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District seat over (D) Kara Eastman. Going into Election Day …

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Blue Wave

Democrats Have Odds To Win By A Landslide In All Categories

Sportsbooks have the Democratic Party beating out the Republican Party in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Democrats have the Coronavirus Pandemic to thank for this lead as their healthcare initiatives are what put them in the leading spot going into …

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Social Media and Voting

Social Media And Its Effects On The Presidential Election

President Donald Trump’s “Election Day is Today” ads have been removed from Facebook. Several social media platforms consistently debunk many of Trump’s statements. Joe Biden’s former employee is now Facebook’s election integrity official. WASHINGTON – With Election Day just days …

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