Cory Booker’s Fundraising Total Is About $12.4 Million

  • Sen. Cory Booker has raised a total of $12.4 million.
  • Booker is one step away from qualifying for the September debates.
  • He is behind the frontrunners but is ahead of the back of the pack.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sen. Cory booker reported on Monday that he raised $4.5 million in the second quarter.

The Numbers For Booker

The Booker campaign reported that about 88 percent of the money raised in the second quarter came from new donors. This means that about 72,000 donors were new ones for Sen. Booker. Although the $4.5 million is a good haul, it trails behind what Booker fundraised in the first quarter.

Booker’s first-quarter haul was above $5 million. Even though he is lagging behind a bit, he is gaining new unique donors to his campaign. Sen. Booker also transferred $2.7 million from his Senate committee to his campaign. This brings his grand total to around $12.4 million. The Booker campaign reported he currently has $5.4 million on hand.

The $12.4 million donation total is a good haul, but he is far behind the frontrunners. Mayor Pete Buttigieg rose $24 million in the second quarter alone. Other frontrunning candidates reported that they have fundraised well over $10 million.

But compared to Andrew Yang who rose $2.8 million Sen. Booker is well ahead. The back of the pack has reported they rose around $2.8 million or less. Booker is finding himself in the middle of the two packs.

Close To Qualifying For September Debates

There are two qualifications that need to be met before a candidate can make it to the September debates. One of the first ones is that a candidate needs to reach at least 130,000 unique donors. The second one is that a candidate needs to be polling at two percent in four national polls.

Some of the candidates who have reported their fundraising numbers did reach the 130,000-donor threshold. Unfortunately for Booker, his campaign reported he does not have 130,000 donors yet. But it is not over for the Senator. Unlike a large majority of candidates, Booker is polling at two or three percent in national polls.

This means Sen. Booker is very close to qualifying for the September debates. All he needs to do is gain 130,000 unique donors. He will have a chance to do so during the July debates. knows if Booker has a good performance at the debate like he did in June, he will have a good shot of qualifying for the September debates.

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