Here Is How To Watch, Wager On Second Democratic Debates

  • The second round of Democratic debates begin on Tuesday night.
  • Many of the candidates on stage have not qualified for the third round of debates.
  • The third Democratic debates will take place on September 12-13.

DETROIT – Night one of the second wave of Democratic debates happens on Tuesday night in Detroit.

The next two Democratic debates will happen in the Fox Theater in Detroit. The debate will broadcast on CNN at 8 p.m. ET. Websites like TIME will give live updates as the debates progress.

Here is the list of candidates for tonight and their odds to becoming the Democratic nominee:

Sen. Bernie Sanders: +900
Sen. Elizabeth Warren: +375
Mayor Pete Buttigieg: +600
Beto O’Rourke: +4000
Marianne Williamson: +10000
Sen. Amy Klobuchar: +6600
Rep. Tim Ryan: +10000
Rep. John Delaney: +10000
Gov. John Hickenlooper: +10000
Gov. Steve Bullock: N/A

For many of these candidates, this will likely be their last shot to make an impression and improve their election odds. Out of all these candidates, only Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren, Buttigieg, and O’Rourke have qualified for the third debates. Sen. Klobuchar needs to reach the donor requirement to qualify for the next debates.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will have his first opportunity at the debate stage on Tuesday night. But he has not made a strong impression with bettors yet. He is the only one on the debate stage on Tuesday night with no odds.

Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren, and Buttigieg are the frontrunners appearing on Tuesday night. If you look at only the odds boards, Sen. Warren is much farther ahead than the competition. Then it would be Buttigieg and Sen. Sanders, in that order.

But polls tell a different story. Right now, Sen. Sanders is polling at 16.2 percent. Right behind him, Sen. Warren is polling at 14 percent. The next closest is Buttigieg, but he is polling farther behind at 5.7 percent.

Depending on how the debates go, a lot of the candidates could end up never being seen again. There is also a chance that their odds can shift, and someone new can become a frontrunner. The odds did change a lot after the first debates. It is likely to happen again after the second round of debates.

*Odds courtesy of Bovada

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