Kamala Harris Leading On Odds Boards, But Behind In Fundraising

  • Kamala Harris is now favored to win the Democratic nomination on Bovada.
  • She is right behind Joe Biden in a number of polls.
  • Harris has accumulated $23 million since January.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sen. Kamala Harris has fundraised about $12 million in the second quarter of 2019.

Where Is The Money Coming From?

Sen. Harris said that her campaign wouldn’t take corporate PAC money. In the second quarter, 279,000 people donated to her presidential campaign. About $7 million came from her online platforms. The average online contribution was $39.

Her most successful products are her t-shirts. Harris’ campaign sold t-shirts that has a picture of a young Kamala Harris. This picture came out after Harris dug into Joe Biden about busing during the Democratic debate. The shirt was her best-selling product in June, even though it came out at the end of the month.

Despite her good fundraising, Sen. Harris is falling behind compared to other candidates. Mayor Pete Buttigieg rose $24 million in the second quarter alone. Joe Biden rose $21.5 million in the second quarter and Sen. Bernie Sanders rose $18 million.

Bettors Moving Towards Harris

Despite being behind on fundraising, gamblers are currently favoring Sen. Harris. On Bovada, Sen. Kamala Harris has +225 odds of becoming the Democratic nominee. She shot up on the odds boards after her strong performance in the Democratic debates.

Biden is still one of the favorites to win the Democratic nomination. Biden has +375 odds of winning the Democratic nomination. In the most recent national polls, Biden is still ahead of everyone else.

We currently have three different leaders for who could become the Democratic nominee. Joe Biden is leading in almost all the polls. Pete Buttigieg is currently ahead of everyone else in fundraising. Kamala Harris is leading in the election betting odds boards. Although they aren’t leading, Sen. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are right behind everyone else. It is anyone’s guess at this point who becomes the Democratic nominee.

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