Plan To Legalize Marijuana Could Increase Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Presidential Odds

  • With campaigning well underway for the 2020 Democratic candidates, Senator Kristen Gillibrand rolls out plan to legalize marijuana
  • All nonviolent crimes involving marijuana will no longer be on record under this plan
  • Medical marijuana would be covered by insurance companies while recreational marijuana would be taxed

NEW YORK – Senator of New York, Kristen Gillibrand hopes to further her 2020 Democratic campaigning odds by launching a plan to legalize the use of marijuana nationwide. The senator wrote about her future plans for marijuana in a detailed post on The Medium, on Wednesday.

There are many aspects that will be affected positively by this plan. By expunging marijuana offenses from criminal records, Gillibrand guarantees that she will be able to restore the civil rights of all citizens that have records involving nonviolent marijuana charges. Additionally, recreational marijuana will be taxed and all profits will be divided between funding community outreach programs, minority or female small business owners and job training for those in need.

“As president, I will immediately deschedule marijuana as a controlled substance, and start working to not only heal the damage done by racist drug laws, but tap into the medical and economic opportunity that legal marijuana offers.”

What Else Is Included In This Plan?

Gillibrand believes that with nationwide legalization, economic growth and financial gain will rise exponentially. She uses states such as Colorado as a base to how the legalization of marijuana has positively impacted their economy. Investing in research to understand all of the potential benefits marijuana has for the people of the United States will be done under this plan.

The senator trusts that marijuana will be able to combat opioid addiction, although further research would be required. With the legalization of marijuana comes the promise of more jobs. More jobs will increase national revenue, especially with the new revenue stream.

The health benefits of the plant will be able to help patients in need if it becomes legal. Giving citizens access to recreational marijuana will allow law enforcement to focus on more pressing matters and save cities money that was previously used on the war against marijuana. Those previously affected by nonviolent marijuana charges will get their rights back and have their records restored.

According to offshore sportsbooks, Gillibrand's election odds to win the 2020 Presidential election are at +10000. However, with the rollout of this new plan, those odds could certainly begin to spike in her favor in the coming weeks.

“It’s 2019. It’s time to legalize marijuana nationwide. As president, I’ll get it done.”

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