Seth Moulton Is The Latest Democrat To Drop Out Of Race

  • Rep. Seth Moulton is out of the Presidential race.
  • Rep. Moulton plans on seeking re-election for his seat in Congress.
  • He plans on supporting whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

SAN FRANSISCO – On Friday, Rep. Seth Moulton dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race.

Missing All Debates

Rep. Moulton entered the race later than most other candidates. He entered the race in late April and had a lot of catching up to do.

Rep. Moulton is a military veteran. He was hoping to use his status to make him seem like a leader in foreign policy and national security. But he was not the only military veteran in the field. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Mayor Pete Buttigieg are also veterans. He needed to get into the Democratic debates to help his campaign gain traction.

The bar for the first and second rounds of Democratic debates was low. There were 20 different candidates that qualified for both debates. If you were to look at past debates, you will notice that Rep. Moulton did not qualify for any of them. Not qualifying for any of the past debates made his election odds worse.

The bar is set much higher for the upcoming fall debates. It did not look like Rep. Moulton would be even close to qualifying to those debates. As a result, Rep. Moulton is the third candidate to drop out in the past two weeks. Although he is dropping out, Rep. Moulton is planning to remain involved with the elections.

“I will continue to fight for a new generation of leadership in our party and our country. And most of all, I will be campaigning my ass off for whoever wins our nomination in 2020,” said Rep. Moulton.

That is not the only place you will find Rep. Moulton. As he is dropping out of the Presidential race, he is seeking re-election for his House seat. Although he failed to gain national attention, his Presidential bid could have a positive impact on his re-election campaign.

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