Andrew Yang Has Raised $2.8 Million In The Last Three Months

  • Andrew Yang has qualified for the July debates.
  • He still needs to be at two percent on four different polls to qualify for the fall debates.
  • Yang did not have many opportunities to speak during the first debates.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Andrew Yang managed to raise $2.8 million in during the second quarter.

The Yang campaign said that a large majority of his donations came from small contributions. Donors gave an average of $200 or less towards his campaign.

On top of that, Yang has accumulated over 130,000 unique donors. This means that he is one step away from qualifying for the fall debates. Yang now must reach two percent on four polls authorized by the DNC.

Andrew Yang Needs To Speak Out More

Former tech businessman Andrew Yang has already qualified for the next debate in late July. This will give him the opportunity to boost his ratings in the polls. But, Yang struggled to do so during the last debate.

CNN and other news sources track various states during the debates. An example of this is how many times each candidate mentions President Trump. One of the key stats tracked during the debates is speaking time.

Speaking time is important because that shows how present a candidate is during the debates. The less speaking time a candidate has, the fewer opportunities they can present their platform. During the last debate, Andrew Yang only got to speak 2:56 minutes. The entire debate lasted two hours.

On both nights of the first debates, Yang had the least speaking time. The closest candidate to him was Rep. Eric Swalwell with 4:47 minutes.

During the debates later in July, Yang cannot afford to let that happen again. Compared to the frontrunners, Yang is behind in fundraising. knows he is also not polling at where he needs to be. Andrew Yang needs to speak more if he wants to have any impact on the viewers watching. More than likely, the debates on July 30 and 31 will be Yang’s last chance to qualify for the fall debates.

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