Buttigieg Plans On Tackling Issues Important To Nevadans

  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg is forming a team to help his campaign in Nevada.
  • Buttigieg has visited Nevada less often than other frontrunning candidates.
  • Energy is one of the biggest issues that Buttigieg is focusing on Nevada.

LAS VEGASMayor Pete Buttigieg hired a state director for Nevada to assist his presidential campaign in the Silver State.

As election season moves on, Presidential candidates will visit a number of states. Buttigieg is falling behind the number of Nevada visits compared to other candidates. But he plans on changing that.

There are a number of different issues that Nevada residents are concerned about. One of them being is energy and nuclear waste. Yucca Mountain has been a site used for years to dump nuclear waste. In recent years, dumping nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain has stopped. Buttigieg offers his opinion on Yucca Mountain and nuclear waste.

“I would commit to not funding anything that lacks the consent of the people who are here. The Blue Ribbon Commission recommended a consent-based model. I think that’s the right way to go. There are a lot of alternatives, and I do not think they should be forced on fellow Americans here in Nevada,” said Buttigieg.

Right now, Buttigieg cannot provide a clear answer on how to deal with nuclear waste. Buttigieg says that he plans to leave it to the experts. He is also hopeful that more resources will appear as technology continues to develop.

In the realm of energy, Buttigieg does want the country to lean on clean energy, like solar power. Buttigieg wants to help eliminate as much carbon as much as he can. He believes that western states like Nevada are the perfect place to develop solar energy. Buttigieg says that solar energy could create a lot of jobs for the state.

With both of these actions, Buttigieg is hoping to create trust between the Department of Energy and Nevada. He does not want to surprise Nevada residents with more nuclear waste. Buttigieg also wants to create safer and cleaner jobs for the state as well.

Outside of energy, Buttigieg had no opinion about the Department of Justice’s new opinion of the Wire Act. He says he is still learning, but he is concerned about the economic impact. Buttigieg also indicated that he is not prepared to endorse legalizing sex work on a national level. But he doesn’t plan on interfering with what Nevada is doing.

There are plenty of issues that are important to Nevada voters. In regards to energy, Buttigieg has a clear plan on what he wants to do. With other matters like gambling and sex work, Buttigieg admits he needs to study more on those issues. Maybe his authenticity will increase his election odds with Nevada voters. Buttigieg currently has +700 betting odds to become the 2020 Democratic nominee.


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