Bill de Blasio’s Thoughts On America

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York has odds of +10000 to win the Democratic candidacy.
  • He currently holds odds of +50000 to win the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • De Blasio has not yet qualified to speak at the third Democratic debate in September.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio has taken the spotlight for his views on the 2020 Presidential election. He recently sat down with Politico to talk about his opinions on the state of America.

For background on De Blasio, he is the current mayor of New York City and has managed to raise the minimum wage to $15, provide more sick leave for workers, and offer a system for universal pre-K for residents of the city. In just five years’ time, De Blasio has been able to make the changes he told his voters he would. Now, he is running for President of the United States in hopes of making changes for the entire country.

De Blasio’s Thoughts

When it comes to the 2016 Presidential Election, de Blasio believes that it was a lack of Democrat voters that lead to President Trump’s victory. Had Hillary Clinton been clearer about how she wanted to transform the system, she may have been voted in as President. The confusion on where she stood when it came to key issues led to Democrats sitting out the 2016 election, according to de Blasio.

While he thinks of his opponent Bernie Sanders with high regard, he believes he has the drive to fight harder than Sanders when it comes to getting results with difficult tasks. He mentions the universal pre-K system as being a huge hurdle to be able to acquire for his city but rather than stop there, he did what he set out to do.

De Blasio wants to keep the Second Amendment intact while also tacking on multiple rules for the amendment. He would like to ban assault weapons entirely and do extensive background checks for those that seek access to firearms. While others want to impeach President Trump, it’s gun-safety that precedes any other issue in the eyes of de Blasio.

While guns are a key topic in the campaign, healthcare is on the list as well. De Blasio speaks highly of Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

“Affordable Care Act, clearly the biggest achievement and a stunning achievement. And I understand he sacrificed intensely to get to it, and I appreciate that he was extraordinarily persistent,” said de Blasio. “I think a lesser leader would have given up. And it’s had a tremendously positive impact on tens of millions of Americans, and it has been one of the most important steps in addressing income inequality in decades.”

De Blasio thinks that adding front-load labor legislation to what Obama accomplished will help in the future success of the Affordable Care Act’s foundation. Universal healthcare is an idea that de Blasio knows can be accomplished. He references gay marriage as an example of something that at one point in history would’ve never been thought to happen.

As with every Democratic candidate on the list, they all have one main goal in mind and that is to get Trump out of office. Once they can do that, de Blasio believes that America will be able to transform into a more accepting, progressive country.

“There’s a deep wellspring of racism in America. It’s always been that way,” said de Blasio. “But Trump has tapped into it, normalized it, enhanced it, uplifted it in a way that has now led to pure violence. And I do think leadership matters. I think leadership is calling for unity and respect.”

The third Democratic Debate is set to take place on September 12th and 13th in Houston Texas. Candidates have until August 27th to qualify to take the stage. As of right now, de Blasio has not yet qualified to speak at the debate which could impact his election odds.

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