Democratic Candidate Kristen Gillibrand Has A Plan For Climate Change

  • Senator Kristen Gillibrand wants to begin the process of getting rid of fossil fuels immediately.
  • The United States is one of the top countries for how much greenhouse gasses are released annually.
  • The Green Climate Fund would help countries overseas with climate change.

NEW YORK – Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has come up with a $10 trillion plan to reduce our carbon footprint. Her plan would take about 30 years to defuse the nation’s carbon emissions. In doing so, it would cost about $1 trillion every year. The $10 trillion estimate only covers a decade’s time.

“Climate change is the most serious threat to humanity today, and we need immediate and bold action to address it before it’s too late,” wrote Gillibrand on her Medium post Thursday.

Gillibrand’s Official Climate Change Plan

Upon entering the Oval Office, Gillibrand would first like to put the Green Deal into action, secure a sum of $10 trillion through both public and private funding and make a set plan that will stop all carbon and greenhouse gas emissions coming from the United States by 2050.

“I’ll make climate polluters pay, transform our economy with good-paying green jobs, and protect clean air and clean water as fundamental human rights.”

She is calling her plan the “Moonshot,” a nod to JFK’s speech about going to the moon. Gillibrand plans to put a fossil fuel production tax into action to make an estimated $100 billion each year for her climate change plan. Those in the fossil fuel industry will be the ones that will pay, not the American taxpayers, for all projects relating to weather, sea levels, and climate-related catastrophes.

A carbon tax will also start at $52 per metric ton in hopes that companies will turn to clean and renewable energy sources instead of that of fossil fuels. All money collected through this tax could make upwards of $200 billion each year for the projects within her climate change policy.

She believes American Patriots shouldn’t be contributing taxes to these companies that are destroying the planet little by little.

“I will work with Congress to end federal subsidies, including tax subsidies, for the fossil fuel industry. And I’d implement new tax credits to speed up the deployment of clean and renewable energy and energy storage technologies.”

For all of those employed by companies that are involved with fossil fuels, Gillibrand promises to find them all jobs. “Green jobs” that will help create a clean energy environment in the United States.

Rural areas will also be covered under Gillibrand’s policy.

“We will support a transition to diversified, sustainable food systems that makes our farmers more resilient to climate and market forces. Extension networks will help farmers take advantage of new opportunities in clean energy production, including advanced biofuels, and help fishing and forestry communities adopt sustainable practices and build new markets.”

An initiative called “Made in Rural America” will be launched to provide clean new bio-based markets to rural America in order to produce agricultural goods. Doing so will allow farmers to no longer have to use petroleum products in their industry.

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand has many new ideas that fall within her new climate change proposal “Moonshot.” While the plan covers ways to create the $10 trillion needed annually to sustain the policy, they are all just estimates that have yet to be tested.

Gillibrand has been given +10,000 odds of making it to the 2020 Presidential Election. With the roll-out of her new climate change policy, those election odds may sway in either direction depending on how the public receives it. She will be speaking more in-depth about this and her other plans during the Second Democratic Primary Debate July 30th and July 31st at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. Both debates will begin at 8:00 pm ET and will be televised on the CNN network.

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