Climate Change

Democratic Candidates To Speak On Climate Change In CNN Town Hall

The Democratic National Committee has previously refused debates centered around climate change. President Donald Trump has been heard mocking the scientific explanation of climate change being a reality. Senator Bernie Sanders calls climate change a “climate emergency.” NEW YORK – …

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Democratic Candidate Kristen Gillibrand Has A Plan For Climate Change

Senator Kristen Gillibrand wants to begin the process of getting rid of fossil fuels immediately. The United States is one of the top countries for how much greenhouse gasses are released annually. The Green Climate Fund would help countries overseas …

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Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado

Sen. Michael Bennet To Reform Government In Latest Campaign Plan

Bennet’s new plan will be the focal point of his entire campaign. This plan centers around banning a constitutional amendment known as Citizens United. The senator will be speaking at the first Democratic primary debate in late June. DENVER – …

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Democratic Debate - Climate Change

Climate Change Declined By DNC As Major Debate Topic For 1st Primary

Out of a number of Democratic candidates, twenty have been chosen for the first primary debate. Climate change is a topic that voters would like to hear being discussed, however, the DNC has declined a debate centered around the issue. …

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