Final Presidential Debate Prop Bets Mirror Those Of Super Bowl

  • Red has the shortest odds at -265 to be the color tie Donald Trump wears.
  • Scranton is favored at +110 odds to be the first thing Joe Biden says.
  • The Affordable Care Act has the shortest odds at -120 to be the first thing said by either Trump or Biden.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.The final Presidential Debate will be will air on Thursday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET and sports bettors are taking heavy action on the climactic event.

Many topics will be brought up for this debate, and online sportsbooks are hosting betting lines for how the candidates will respond to such.

There is also a lot of action being taken on the wardrobe of the candidates, with sports bettors putting money on the tie colors for both President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden.

Presidential Ties

There is a slew of 2020 Presidential betting odds available for political bettors to wager on.

The first betting line that is garnering a lot of attention is the tie color of both candidates. Sports bettors are leaning heavily in favor of Donald Trump wearing a red tie, and Joe Biden wearing a blue tie.

What color will Donald Trump’s tie be?

  • Red (Includes: Maroon & Burgundy) -265
  • Blue Or Navy Blue +350
  • Light Blue +600
  • Other +1600
  • Yellow Or Gold+1600

What color will Joe Biden’s tie be?

  • Blue Or Navy Blue +130
  • Red (Includes: Maroon & Burgundy) +280
  • Light Blue +300
  • Other +750
  • Purple +1000

As President Trump is a Republican and that is indeed the color that represents the party, it is not surprising that sports bettors are leaning towards Trump wearing red in the final showdown with Biden.

Trump wore a black and red tie in their first debate, but he wore a blue and white tie in the Town Hall meeting that was hosted in lieu of a second debate.

Joe Biden has also been unpredictable with his tie choices. In the first debate against Trump, Biden’s tie was black and white with stripes, and his Town Hall meeting tie was ironically red.

This betting line can seemingly go anyway and is truly an unpredictable wager.

What Will Be Said First

The next set of odds that sports bettors are taking action on is what either candidate will be saying first in the debate. Sports bettors are taking action that Biden will say Scranton first when he faces Trump.

What will Biden say first?

  • Scranton +110
  • Come On Man +175
  • Malarkey +400
  • Inshallah +2500

With the news that microphones will be muted while the opponent is speaking during the debate, it is unlikely that Biden would have to say “Come On Man” against Trump who spent the entire first debate interrupting him.

Biden saying Scranton, however, is very much possible as he has used his grassroots upbringing as a major campaign point as to why he is more relatable to the American public.

There are two separate betting lines as to what Trump will say first. Sleepy Joe vs. Phoney Kamala and Fake News vs. China Virus.

What will Trump say first?

  • Sleepy Joe -320
  • Phony Kamala +230

What will Trump say first?

  • Fake News -160
  • China Virus +120

Taking a look at the first betting line, it is incredibly likely that neither of those will be said. It does, however, make sense that sports bettors are leaning towards “Sleepy Joe” as Trump is debating Biden and not Kamala Harris.

The “Fake News” vs. “China Virus” betting line is far more interesting. Depending on how the moderator’s questions go, either of these can be said first, making this betting line a true pick’em.

Finally, sports bettors are betting on what will be said first from either candidate, and the betting odds are the tightest for this prop bet.

What will be said first by Trump or Biden?

  • Affordable Care Act -120
  • Pre-Existing -110

There is no doubt that the issue of universal healthcare will be brought up in the debate. Depending on how things go between the two candidates, either statement could be said.

Pre-existing may be the wiser choice, however, as that has been a major criticism from both candidates regarding their individual healthcare plans.

The final Presidential Debate will be one of the biggest events for election odds at the general election. Political bettors should definitely take advantage of these betting lines while they last as the election is only weeks away from its conclusion.

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