Five Democratic Candidates Are Leading Trump In A New Poll

  • An ABC News/Washington poll indicates that President Trump will lose to five different candidates.
  • The poll does not factor in the electoral college.
  • The Democratic nominee will not be chosen until July of 2020.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A new poll released on Wednesday found that President Trump could potentially lose to five different Democratic candidates in the general election.

The ABC News/Washington poll gives details on who does well against the President. Out of all the Democratic candidates, the poll says people prefer Joe Biden. Biden is ahead of Trump by 16 points.

Next on the list is Sen. Bernie Sanders. The poll indicates that Sen. Sanders would defeat Trump by a 12-point margin. After Sen. Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has the best chances to beating Trump. Sen. Warren would beat Trump by 11 points.

Next on the list is Sen. Kamala Harris. Sen. Harris has dipped in most polls, but this poll says she wins by a 10-point margin. That is four different candidates that could defeat trump by a two-digit lead. The final candidate on this list is Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg would defeat Trump by a six-point margin. That is the smallest margin of victory so far, but he is still ahead.

Although the poll does show who could potentially defeat President Trump, it warns about taking too much stock into polls.

“That said, with more than a year to go until the general election, Americans still are forming their opinions and gaining familiarity with the potential nominees. And winning the popular vote doesn’t necessarily translate into winning the Electoral College, as shown in the 2016 election,” read the poll.

The poll did get the attention of President Trump. The President tweeted about his distaste of the “hypothetical poll.” President Trump believes that he has the best election odds out of all the candidates. He also claimed that he hadn’t even started campaigning yet. He has held several rallies so far and ads for his re-election have appeared.

There is still a year of campaigning to go before the general election will happen. The Democratic nominee will not be chosen until July 13-16 of 2020. Until then, Democratic candidates need to campaign to prove that the poll was right about them.

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