Hickenlooper Ends Presidential Run And Considers Senate Bid

  • John Hickenlooper has dropped his Presidential bid.
  • Hickenlooper’s moderate position is not what Democratic voters wanted.
  • Many people want Hickenlooper to run for Senate.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – John Hickenlooper announced on Thursday that he is ending his Presidential bid.

Throughout his Presidential bid, John Hickenlooper was considered a moderate. He campaigned on compromise and working with Republicans. For Democratic voters who are seething against President Trump, that is not what they wanted.

His election odds showed it. On Bovada, John Hickenlooper only had +10000 odds of becoming the Democratic nominee. Hickenlooper also only had +20000 odds of winning the 2020 Presidential elections.

That was not the only position he was failing in. Compared to other Democratic candidates, Hickenlooper was fundraising less money. National and state polls hardly ever had Hickenlooper higher than one percent.

At the rate he was going, Hickenlooper would have missed the fall debates. The qualifications for the fall debates are steep. Candidates need to poll at two percent in four polls approved by the DNC. They also needed to have 130,000 individual donors as well. Hickenlooper has not reached any of these qualifications.

But now Hickenlooper said that he is considering running for the Senate. He would be aiming for the seat held by Cory Gardner, a Republican. If Democrats hope to win back the Senate, winning this Senate seat is vital.

Colorado is considered by many to be a purple battleground state. The Senate seat held by Sen. Gardner is absolutely vital for Democrats to win back the Senate. A recent poll indicates that Hickenlooper has a 50 point lead over other Democrats running for that seat. But this was run by Democratic polling firms and that could indicate bias.

If a Democratic candidate wins the 2020 elections, they still need control of the House and Senate to be effective. Missing the Senate again can cause bills not to be brought to the floor to be voted on. If Hickenlooper runs for this seat, then it is possible that Democrats can regain the Senate.

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