Julián Castro Is Officially In The Fall Debates

  • There are currently 10 different candidates heading to the fall debates.
  • The qualifications for the fall debates are ending soon.
  • This poll also indicates that Joe Biden is doing well with the voters.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Thanks to a new poll released by CNN on Tuesday, Julián Castro is now heading to the fall debates.

Making It To The Fall Debates

Candidates need to meet some requirements to qualify for the upcoming fall Democratic debates. One of the qualifications is that they need to have 130,000 individual donors. The next is that a candidate must poll at two percent in four different polls approved by the DNC. Before Tuesday, Julián Castro only needed one more poll to qualify for the debates.

A new CNN poll gave Castro the push he needed to qualify for the fall debates. This CNN poll allows Castro to participate in the upcoming debate. Qualifying for the fall debates is essential for helping his election odds. The qualifications for the fall debates are steeper than before. Many of the other candidates will likely not qualify.

What The Poll Says About Everyone

The CNN poll also gives us a preview on what people think about the other Democratic candidates. Although it is good that Castro now qualifies for the Democratic debates, he is still far behind the top candidates.

Compared to the previous poll, Joe Biden has had a surge in support. In this poll, Biden was polling at 29 percent. The previous poll had him at 22 percent. This puts him back in a double-digit lead compared to who is next.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is polling at 15 percent in this poll. He has overtaken Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is currently polling at 14 percent. These two candidates have swapped positions compared to the last poll.

After that, support for different candidates significantly drops off. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in fourth place in the poll, but he is only polling at five percent. Compared to Sen. Kamala Harris, he is actually in a better position. Sen. Harris is only polling at five percent right now. In the previous CNN poll, she was polling at 17 percent. This is a huge drop in support for Sen. Harris.

On the upswing is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. She is also polling at two percent on this new CNN poll. Now she has two polls that she has two percent polling on. She just needs two more and she will qualify for the fall debates. Rep. Gabbard has already reached the 130,000 individual donor benchmark.

There are only eight more days to qualify for the upcoming September debates. The October debate qualifiers end two weeks before the debate. The qualifiers for the October debate are the same as the September debate. It is possible that the debate stage will be larger in October. Candidates who hope to be in the fall debates need to work quickly to qualify. The first debate will be on September 12.

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