Fourth Democratic Debate: Winners, Losers, Updated Betting Odds

The trail to the 2020 Presidential Election continues to heat up as the Fourth Democratic Debate just took place. Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from Massachusetts, continues to take the edge over her opponents. After his appearance, former Vice President Joe …

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October Democratic Debate

The October Debate Is The Biggest Democratic Debate Yet

There are 12 candidates set to appear in the upcoming debate. Several new and pressing issues have occurred since the last debate. The qualifications for the November debate is much harder to do. WESTERVILLE, Ohio – The Tuesday democratic debate …

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Debate Stage

Which Candidates Have Made It To The September Debate?

The candidates for the September debate are set. The next Democratic debate will be held on September 12. More than half of the Democratic candidates did not qualify for the debate. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – With the September 12 debate coming …

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Julián Castro

Julián Castro’s Strong Debate Performance Gets Him An Endorsement

Julián Castro had a second strong performance during the Democratic debates. Castro has not yet qualified for the September debates. Castro went after other candidates and showed his knowledge about immigration. DETROIT – Julián Castro received an endorsement from the …

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Second Democratic Debate

Top Prop Bets For The Second Democratic Debates

The second Democratic debates are on July 30 and July 31. The prop bets are partly based on what happened during the first debates. Many of the candidates in the second debates have not qualified for the third debates. DETROIT …

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Has A New Plan For Immigration Reform

Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans to remove most illegal immigrant detention centers under her new Immigration Reform Plan. Those that cross the border illegally will not be treated as criminals but like those that have broken civil law. Law enforcement would …

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Raises $24 Million, Qualifies For September Debates

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has raised $24 million in the second quarter fundraising period. Buttigieg is the first to release his fundraising numbers. The Mayor from South Bend, Indiana has qualified for the September Democratic debates. WASHINGTON – On Monday, Mayor …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debates

2020 Democratic Primary Debates: A Recap Of Night One

President Donald Trump’s name was mentioned 35 times in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debate. Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio had the most interruptions of the night. Beto O’Rourke went bilingual while on stage. MIAMI – There …

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1st Democratic Debates

1st Democratic Debates: How To Watch & Topics To Look Out For

There will be two Democratic debates this week, one on Wednesday and one Thursday. Each debate will have 10 candidates and five moderators. Three different news networks will air the debates. MIAMI – The first 2019 Democratic debate will air …

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