Julián Castro’s Strong Debate Performance Gets Him An Endorsement

  • Julián Castro had a second strong performance during the Democratic debates.
  • Castro has not yet qualified for the September debates.
  • Castro went after other candidates and showed his knowledge about immigration.

DETROITJulián Castro received an endorsement from the Latino Victory Fund after a strong debate performance.

The Latino Victory Fund tweeted that they are endorsing Julián Castro. The group said that Castro has an “inclusive vision for all Americans.” They were also impressed that Castro was the first Democratic candidate to have a detailed immigration plan.

Castro’s prowess on immigration became clearer during the debate on Wednesday night. During the debate, Castro took on Joe Biden when it came to immigration reform. Biden defended his plan that would include keeping border crossings a crime. Biden also proposes a plan to give Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras $750 million. Biden is hoping that will help decrease illegal crossings. Castro did not approve of Biden’s response.

“First of all, Mr. Vice President, it looks like one of us has learned from the lessons of the past and one of us hasn’t… My immigration plan would also fix the broken legal immigration system because we do have a problem with that. The only way that we’re going to guarantee that these kinds of family separations don’t happen in the future is that we need to repeal this law. There’s still going to be consequences if somebody crosses the border. It’s a civil action,” said Castro.

By making border crossings a civil crime, families will not be separated when they cross the border. It also offers them a chance to receive a trial and a possibility that they can become residents. Castro wants to learn from what President Obama did, while Biden wants to mimic him.

This new endorsement from the Latino Victory Fund is what Julián Castro needs. Castro’s election odds are not looking so good at the moment. On BetOnline, Castro has +6600 odds of becoming the Democratic nominee. Castro currently has +12500 odds of becoming the next President. This endorsement could help get him the polling he needs to make it to the September debates.

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