Taking Odds For Voter Turnout This Election Might Be Easy Money

  • The 2020 US Presidential Election has -225 odds to have a voter turnout of over 149.5 million.
  • According to NPR, 66 million Americans have already placed their votes breaking an early voting record.
  • Sportsbooks say the 60.5% voter turnout in the 2020 Presidential Election has -150 odds of happening.

WASHINGTON D.C. — The outcome of the 2020 US Presidential Election still hangs in the balance with the November 3rd Election Day less than one week away. President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are hitting the campaign trail one last time to aid their bids for the White House.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major shift in voting as many Americans are using alternative ways to vote, shattering previous voter turnout records.

Early and mail-in voting has helped in breaking records for the election as NPR has reported 66 million Americans have already placed their votes. This is already 19 million more pre-election votes than in 2016. Those high numbers for early turnout has many thinking there will be a record turnout at the polls this year.

While the American people flood early voting before Election Day those looking to bet on voter turnout in the 2020 Election should head over to BetOnline as there are two betting props that can be considered easy money.

Voter Turnout in the US Presidential Election

  • Over 149.5 million voters -225
  • Under 149.5 million voters +160

Winner: Over 149.5 Million Voters (-225). The American people are already showing up in a major way in this Election shattering early voter turnout records. With so many people already placing their votes early there’s still a major wave even more Americans that have yet to place their votes. Bettors should feel comfortable taking the Over as this presidential election is estimated to have a record amount of votes cast and should easily eclipse the 149.5 million vote total.

Voter Turnout in the US Presidential Election

  • Over 60.5% -150
  • Under 60.5% +110

Winner: Over 60.5% (-150). In 2016, according to the US Census 61.4% of eligible voters participated in that Election and with the records that have already been shattered this year, it’s safe to assume that the 2020 Presidential Election will exceed that percentage in turnout. This is partially why the Over for this voter turnout prop has -150 odds and is favored. Expect this year’s voter turnout percentage to exceed 60.5% as we watch a new record be set in this Election.

Bettors also shouldn’t be afraid to put these two bets in a parlay if able as that could also add extra winnings on these props. No matter who bettors might be voting for, the opportunity to cash in on voting itself is here for only a few more days.

Other election odds are also available and will close on the night of November 3.

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