Trump And Biden Are Edging Out The College Student Vote

  • College students are currently favoring four different Presidential candidates.
  • All candidates have different plans on what they want to do with colleges.
  • Pollsters believe Generation Z will be a big voting force in the 2020 elections.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Joe Biden and Donald Trump are currently the favorites to win the college student vote.

Who Is On Top?

A poll by College Reaction revealed who is leading in the college student vote. There is no overwhelming favorite candidate with college students. But we do know which candidate is ahead of everyone else.

In the lead with 16.4 percent of the vote is Joe Biden. Support for the former Vice President did fall from the poll conducted in April. He had 18.88 percent of support in April. Biden wants to allow students to use Pell grants for dual enrollment.

President Donald Trump is moving up with college students. The President currently has 16.3 percent of support from college students. This puts Trump in second place. In the poll conducted in April, Trump had 14.71 percent of support. That put him behind Sen. Bernie Sanders in April. Now Trump has overtaken Sen. Sanders.

Sen. Sanders is not that far behind Trump. The senator from Vermont is currently polling at 15.1 percent with college students. This is a slight boost from the April poll where he was polling at 15.09 percent.

There was a couple of big changes between the April and July polls. One of the biggest changes was support for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. In the poll in April, Warren was only polling at 5.5 percent with college students. Since then, Warren has revealed her plans on forgiving college debt. Now Warren is polling at 13.7 percent.

With the changes in who is leading in the polls, there was a fall from grace. In April, Beto O’Rourke was polling at 13.57 percent. Now, O’Rourke only has 6.2 percent of the college vote.

At the moment, there is no clear winner on who has the college vote. This is likely due to the fact that half  of college Republicans support President Trump. There are also 20 Democratic candidates that are currently running for President. Once the field thins out, we will have a much better idea on whom college students will vote for.

Comparing Polls To The Odds

The election odds boards paint a different picture on who is coming out on top. On Bovada, President Trump is sitting at even odds of winning the 2020 Presidential election. He has a large advantage because he is the current President.

Joe Biden currently has +600 odds of becoming the President. He is behind Sen. Kamala Harris who has +450 odds of winning the 2020 election. For reference, Harris only has 7.8 percent of the college student vote.

Sen. Warren has +800 odds of winning the 2020 election. Sen. Sanders sits at +1000 odds of becoming the next President of the United States. Beto O’Rourke has +4000 odds of winning the 2020 election. Although there are some differences, the College Reaction poll slightly lines up with the odds boards.

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