Trump Planning Homecoming Rally On Tuesday In South Florida

  • President Donald Trump is going to be in Florida for the week of Thanksgiving.
  • On Halloween, Trump publicly announced Florida as his new residence.
  • A rally will be held in Broward County on Tuesday for his reelection campaign.

MIAMI – President Donald Trump has planned a homecoming rally on Tuesday in South Florida. The state of Florida has become the official home of the President, as he and his wife First Lady Melania Trump have become registered voters. Their address on record is his residence in Mar-a-Lago, part of Palm Beach County. Longtime New Yorker Trump has decided to change his legal residence for what some believe to be a few reasons.

Trump The Floridian

Trump is currently up for reelection and undergoing an investigation for his impeachment so he has plenty of things going on. One reason for his move to Florida could be due to the state of his beloved New York. He has on more than one occasion spoken about how New York City is no longer what it used to be.

Others believe the move is more about strategy for his campaign. There are six swing states and Florida is one of them. Swing states have a big hold on elections that could “swing” a victory into a loss and vice versa.

“Florida is a very important state nationally for the presidential election,” said George Moraitis, Broward Republican Chairman. “We’re very excited to welcome him to Broward County and to energize the voters and supporters in this area.”

Currently, Trump’s odds for the 2020 Presidential Election stand above the rest at +130. As a winner for the Republican candidacy, his odds are a landslide at -550. However, with an impeachment inquiry happening at the moment, he needs to campaign more than ever if he wants to be reelected for a second term.

The Rally

The rally will be held on Tuesday in Broward County at the BB&T Center in Sunrise at 7 p.m. The arena can hold about 21,000 people. Broward is predominantly populated with registered Democrats. In the last election, Hillary Clinton won over the county by 66.5%. Many people have gathered to form a protest when the President intends to speak.

Actress Bette Midler helped support the GoFundMe page by tweeting in support of it herself. With a rally for his campaign and a protest, traffic is expected to be worse than usual. If the President travels by motorcade, expect road closures in the area. No matter what happens, Trump will be sure to make waves for his Florida homecoming.

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