2020 Census Is Currently Printing Without Citizenship Question

  • The last time a citizenship question was asked on the census was in 1950.
  • The Trump Administration did not provide an acceptable justification to add the question.
  • Trump said he will continue to push his administration to add the question in the 2020 census.

WASHINGTON – Printing of the 2020 census has begun on Tuesday and it does not include President Trump’s citizenship question.

Moving Forward With The Census

The US Census Bureau is responsible for printing the census. The census will not include the controversial citizenship question. Justice Department spokeswoman Kelly Laco confirmed this fact.

The Supreme Court of the United States blocked the citizenship question from the census last week. The court ruled that President Trump could ask the question in the census. But, the President needed to provide reasonable justification for the question.

The Trump administration said that adding the question would protect voters. They also claimed that it would allow for enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Chief Justice John Roberts said that the reasoning given to the Supreme Court was “contrived.” Roberts sided with the four liberal justices and blocked the citizenship question.

President Trump tweeted on Tuesday night how he feels that the question should be added. He also said that he would do “whatever is necessary to bring this most vital of questions.”

Despite that, his administration is moving forward with printing the census. President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that this is fake news. It’s not.

ElectioOdds.com wonders if the President will push forward and do what he can to include the citizenship question. But, printing is already taking place. It is doubtful that anything the President can do will add the citizenship question on the census.

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