Baby Trump Will Be Present, But Grounded During Trump’s Fourth Of July Speech

  • The Baby Trump balloon will be present during President’s Trump Fourth of July speech.
  • The Baby Trump balloon was first seen in the UK and then around the world.
  • The balloon only needs to be two feet off the ground to be 20 feet tall.

WASHINGTON – The Baby Trump balloon will be at the “Salute to America” event on the Fourth of July.

Permitted, But Grounded

The feminist anti-war group, Code Pink, has permission to have the Baby Trump balloon present at the National Mall. The balloon will be present throughout the entirety of President Trumps “Salute to America” celebration. But, Code Pink is not satisfied with the restrictions of the permit they received.

The location for the balloon is not where the group wanted it to be. Code Pink wanted the balloon to be in the line of sight of President Trump during his speech. The permit says that they can have locations near the Washington monument that are out of sight. This is not the only problem for the balloon.

The permit also bans all balloons except for the Baby Trump balloon. Although that sounds good for the group, there is one condition that needs to be met. The Baby Trump balloon must be filled with cold air and be grounded. This will further diminish the chances that President Trump will see the balloon.

“CODEPINK wants to put helium into the balloon, so it will rise off the ground, a mere, two feet. This would only make the entire baby 20 feet tall,” said the group in a statement.

In response to this, the group is trying to get a waiver from the Flight Standard District Office (FSDO). They are hoping that a waiver from the FSDO will allow Baby Trump to fly.

The Baby Trump Balloon is the centerpiece of the group's “Trump is a Big Baby Festival.” The permit allows the festival to take place during the Presidents event at the National Mall. Code Pink’s festival will include poetry readings and distribution of literature. figures there is not much time for the FSDO to give Code Pink the waiver they need to make Baby Trump Fly.

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