Blue Wave

Democrats Have Odds To Win By A Landslide In All Categories

Sportsbooks have the Democratic Party beating out the Republican Party in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Democrats have the Coronavirus Pandemic to thank for this lead as their healthcare initiatives are what put them in the leading spot going into …

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The 2020 census

2020 Census Is Currently Printing Without Citizenship Question

The last time a citizenship question was asked on the census was in 1950. The Trump Administration did not provide an acceptable justification to add the question. Trump said he will continue to push his administration to add the question …

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The Baby Trump Balloon

Baby Trump Will Be Present, But Grounded During Trump’s Fourth Of July Speech

The Baby Trump balloon will be present during President’s Trump Fourth of July speech. The Baby Trump balloon was first seen in the UK and then around the world. The balloon only needs to be two feet off the ground …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debates

2020 Democratic Primary Debates: A Recap Of Night One

President Donald Trump’s name was mentioned 35 times in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debate. Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio had the most interruptions of the night. Beto O’Rourke went bilingual while on stage. MIAMI – There …

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The RNC and President Trump

RNC, Trump Currently Have Over $61.8 Million To Spend

The RNC raised $14.6 million in May. President Trump launched his re-election campaign and rose $24.8 million. Combined, the Democratic candidates have raised $77 million. WASHINGTON – The RNC and President Trump have a strong fundraising start for his re-election …

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