2020 Presidential Election: Eric Swalwell’s Out, Tom Steyer’s In

  • Rep. Eric Swalwell has exited the 2020 Presidential Race.
  • Billionaire Tom Steyer made his official announcement on July 9th to run for President in 2020.
  • Steyer plans to put 100 million dollars towards his presidential campaign.

WASHINGTON – Democrat Eric Swalwell from California has elected to take himself out of the running for the 2020 Presidential election. It would only make sense to continue on a long and tenuous campaign had Swalwell had the numbers, however, the numbers were not in his favor.

“We have to be honest about our own candidacy and viability,” he said during a conference to make his announcement. “Today ends our presidential campaign. I have no regrets, I’m excited about what we’ve done.”

Looking towards the future, Swalwell hopes to continue as a representative in California. He is currently trying to obtain a fifth term in Northern California. Swalwell will enter his name into the representative election and continue with his political career, just from a smaller House.

Steyer Officially Announces Presidential Run

Billionaire Tom Steyer from California is the latest Democrat to enter the race for the 2020 Presidential election. During a news conference in January, he said he would not be running for President, instead focusing his efforts to impeach our current President, Donald Trump. He was personally putting up forty million dollars of his own money to remove Trump from office.

"This is the biggest issue in American politics today," Steyer told the press. "We have a lawless president in the White House who is eroding our democracy and it is only going to get worse."

Now that President Trump is more than halfway through his term, it seems to ElectionsOdds.com as though Steyer’s hopes of removing him from office went unfulfilled. But running against him during his reelection run is the next course of action.

Steyer Presidential Announcement

During a four-minute video on July 9th, Tom Steyer, 62, officially announced that he was entering the Presidential race. While he made no mention of President Donald Trump in the video, he did speak to how he thinks Americans feel today.

"Americans are deeply disappointed and hurt by the way they are treated by what they think is the power elite in Washington, D.C., and that goes across party lines,” said Steyer. “The other Democratic candidates for President have many great ideas that will absolutely move our country forward, but we won’t be able to get any of those done until we end the hostile corporate takeover of our democracy.”

And to finish his YouTube speech, he decided to address climate change. This issue has been one that voters in the Democratic party have said is their top priority when it comes time to vote on a candidate and Steyer realizes this. Steyer expressed his support of global warming initiatives should he be voted into office.

If elected, Steyer has vowed to donate half of his personal wealth towards good causes. He has a net worth of 1.6 billion dollars. It should be noted that NextGen America is funded fully by Steyer.

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