Bill Weld Is Failing To Make Waves Against Trump

  • Bill Weld has failed to get back into politics since 1997.
  • During the 2008 Presidential elections, he endorsed Barack Obama over John McCain.
  • The RNC and most Republicans fully support President Trump.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Bill Weld is failing to become a competitive primary challenger for President Trump.

A History Of Lost Elections

In 1996, Weld attempted to change his position as Governor to US Senator. He lost that race and that is the last time he held a government position.

In 2005, Weld attempted to become the Governor of New York. However, the Republican party of New York voted to push John Faso over him. Weld had no choice but to withdraw his nomination.

Bill Weld then stayed out of politics until 2016. Gary Johnson became the Libertarian nominee to become the next President of the United States. Johnson’s running mate then became Weld. In the end, it was current President Trump who won the elections. The Libertarians did not even make it to the debate stage. Now Weld is trying to primary Trump for his position of being the Republican nominee.

What Weld Is Currently Facing

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld is the only Republican challenging Trump right now. In the past, there have been very few Presidents who were primaried during the elections. George H.W. Bush was primaried by Pat Buchanan. Jimmy Carter was primaried by Ted Kennedy. Gerald Ford was primaried by Ronald Reagan.

The fact is that all primaried Presidents ended up losing the general election. Many are thinking that is what Bill Weld wants to do by primarying President Trump. But this is one of those scenarios that is only true until it is not. Trump defied all odds in 2016 and became the President of the United States.

Weld is also having a hard time accumulating the proper funds to challenge President Trump. He has only fundraised $688,000 since he entered the race in April. That is not even close to how much President Trump has fundraised.

Not only fundraising, but President Trump has total support from the RNC. knows it will be very difficult for Weld to run against Trump when his party hasn’t even looked at him. Trump also polls well with a majority of Republican voters.

At this moment, the Bill Weld campaign is aiming to debate President Trump. Weld is hoping to generate interest with Republican voters to get on the debate stage with the President.

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