Best Bets For Two Of the Closest House Of Representatives Races

  • (D)Candace Valenzuela is a -150 favorite over (R)Beth Van Duyne in the Texas 24th Congressional District House race.
  • (R)Don Bacon is listed at -135 odds to win Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District seat over (D) Kara Eastman.
  • Going into Election Day 2020 the Democrats remain in control of the House of Representatives.

WASHINGTON D.C.The 2020 US Election is here and many politicians will see if their campaigns paid off on Election Day.

The Election season coming to a close means that sportsbooks have now posted the complete odds that give bettors the opportunity to not only bet on the Presidential Election but also Gubernatorial odds, US Senate and House of Representative races as well.

Betting on the House of Representatives is becoming one of the more popular ways to bet on politics since the seats are up for election every two years.

When looking at the complete election odds bettors will see a handful of seats in the Democratic-controlled House are up for election. Below are two tight House of Representative Races that are available to be bet on at Bovada.

Odds to Win Texas 24th Congressional District – House of Representatives

  • (D)Candace Valenzuela -150
  • (R)Beth Van Duyne +115

Winner: Candace Valenzuela (-150). Valenzuela has shown that she’s a worthy challenger of the incumbent Beth Van Duyne making this race much more of a tossup than it should be in a historically Republican district.

Going into the closing portion of the polls Valenzuela edged Van Duyne in the polls further displaying that she has a real shot at beating the incumbent.

Texas has been slowly shifting into a more progressive state and Valenzuela is an example of that trend which is why bettors should take the -150 odds on her to help the Democrats gain another seat in the House.

Odds to Win Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District – House of Representatives

  • (R)Don Bacon -135
  • (D) Kara Eastman +105

Winner: Don Bacon (-135). The race to represent Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District has been heating up down the final stretch of the campaign season. Bacon is the incumbent in this race and has narrowly defeated Eastman before in this same district.

Bacon beat Eastman in 2018 by a 51-49 margin. This race is likely headed for another nail-biting experience as the Eastman has continued her progressive push with more funding this time around.

Historically Nebraska has only elected four Democrats to serve in the House of Representatives which means Eastman already has an uphill battle in getting this seat from Bacon. Take the -135 odds on Bacon to win this simply because Nebraska hasn’t elected a Democratic Representative since 2014.

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