Biggest Possible Political Betting Upsets From Election Day

  • (D)Candace Valenzuela (-150) was beaten by underdog (R)Beth Van Duyne in the Texas 24th Congressional District.
  • (R)John James (+225) is beating (D)Gary Peters (-345) currently in the Michigan Senate Race.
  • (R)Thom Tillis has a slight lead over (D)Cal Cunningham in the North Carolina Senate Election.

WASHINGTON D.C. — While the 2020 US Presidential Election has yet to be decided there were some major upsets across the Senate and House of Representatives which could potentially make some political bettors big winners at sportsbooks.

Some political races are still too close to call but barring a major late shift in votes these elections foreshadow what is likely to come.

One of the biggest upsets in the House of Representatives came from the state of Texas as the Democratic Challenger Candace Valenzuela closed as the favorite over the Republican Incumbent Beth Van Duyne.

Odds to Win Texas 24th Congressional District Odds – House of Representatives

  • (D)Candace Valenzuela -150
  • (R)Beth Van Duyne +115

Current Vote Leader: Beth Van Duyne (+115). Van Duyne’s +115 election odds could be a winner as she currently has a narrow 5,000 vote lead over Valenzuela with over 99% of the precincts reporting. Despite Texas’ history of voting Republican Valenzuela showed that a Democratic push is making its way in Texas.

The Senate Races are still too close to call but if the lead stands there will be two major upsets in both North Carolina and Michigan. These battlegrounds state Senate seats are crucial in determining if Democrats or Republicans will take over the majority control of the U.S. Senate.

Michigan Senate Election Odds

  • (D)Gary Peters -345
  • (R)John James +225

Current Vote Leader: John James (+225). This is one of the Senate elections where no matter which side you bet on you’re likely pulling your hair, as Republican John James has a narrow .2% lead over Democrat Gary Peters with over 96% of precincts reporting thus far. James has 2,558,436 votes while Peters has received 2,549,591 votes. That 9,000 vote margin is too close as bettors brace themselves for a Senate race that could really go either way as the last votes in Michigan are counted.

North Carolina Senate Election Odds

  • (D)Cal Cunningham -165
  • (R)Thom Tillis +125

Current Vote Leader: Thom Tillis (+125). With over 93% of precincts in North Carolina reporting Republican Thom Tillis has a 1.8-point lead over Democrat Cal Cunningham. This could change as the last percentage of votes are tallied but this could wind up being another big upset for a Republican Party trying to keep control of the US Senate. If the vote stands as is, Tillis will net some winning on his US Senate Election Odds.

While many elections still remain too close to call bettors should fasten their seatbelts as the 2020 US Election is far from over.

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