Kanye Polling Increases, Presidential Betting Odds Remain Stagnant

  • Kanye West has +10000 longshot odds to win the presidency.
  • Kanye West was 2% in the polls but not leading in any state.

WASHINGTON โ€“ While President Donald Trump and former VP Joe Biden are the main candidates in the election, they arenโ€™t the only two running for president. Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West has his own presidential bid for the 2020 seat.

Sports bettors at online sportsbooks have been taking action on the longshot odds for the multi-platinum star to actually win.

Ye is behind in all the polls and has no leads in any state. If he did somehow manage to win the election, then this would be the biggest upset in the history of the country.

Bet On Kanye

Sports bettors taking action on election odds may be tempted to bet on Kanye as his +10000 longshot odds would be a major payout.

2020 Presidential Odds

  • Biden -180
  • Trump +150
  • West +10000

The Chicago emcee has a few things going for him. He is ridiculously famous, has a hardcore fan-base which includes voter aged fans, and has a net worth of over $1 billion at his disposal to use on his campaign.

Westโ€™s campaign so far has been unorthodox, to say the least, however. He has barely campaigned, held only one rally, and has not participated in a single debate against any of his opponents.

His odds at online sportsbooks reflect the same sentiment, as sports bettors are bypassing his candidacy altogether. In addition, Mr. West is losing miserably in the national polls, holding just 2% of the voting public.

The closest sign of a thriving campaign for Kanye was earlier in the month when it appeared that Ye was ahead in the polls in Kentucky. This revelation to the world, and Kanye himself, by storm.

This was quickly debunked, and West's campaign continues to be viewed as a joke by many constitutes.

So why should any sports bettors bet on West to win? The answer is simple. Like any longshot odds, if you win the payout is massive.

The point of longshot betting is to take action on the underdogs with the odds stacked against them. You are going into the process understanding this more than likely will be a loss.

However, should Kanye West shock the world come November 3, sports bettors who took the risk will be cashing in big.

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