Biden Favored For Florida, Can Dems Claim The Swing State?

  • Florida voted Republican in the 2016 election.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a strong relationship with President Donald Trump.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The election is just weeks away from reaching its climax and sports bettors are taking action on the states voting results.

Florida, one of the crucial swing states in every election, is currently favored at online sportsbooks to vote Democrat in the general election.

Florida voted Republican in 2016, and currently has a Republican Governor in Ron DeSantis. This betting line is truly an unpredictable one and could very well determine the outcome of the next four years in the U.S.

Swing State Chronicles

Those betting on the Presidential Election will find that betting on who will win Florida can be an interesting betting line to wager on. Florida has historically been one of the more unpredictable states in the general elections.

Presidential Election Odds For Florida

  • Democratic Candidate -135
  • Republican Candidate +105

President Trump has been doing most of his campaigning in Florida, even having his Town Hall Meeting in Miami. Add this with his storied relationship with Florida Governor DeSantis, one would assume Republicans would be favored.

The thing is, Florida has become the state with the most coronavirus cases in the country and many have criticized DeSantis’ treatment of the pandemic.

It is entirely possible that many within the Sunshine State are against the Republican Party leading into the general elections. Those who are thinking about taking the underdog odds on the Republican party may still be tempted, however.

Florida is always unpredictable, so Democrats being favored really means nothing until the results are in. The election between now Governor Ron DeSantis and former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum was decided by under 30,000 votes.

One could wager on the Republican Party at the +105 odds and then capitalize on the major upset wins. This betting line can go either way.

When you bet on the Presidential Election, you are truly partaking in a real game of chance. This Florida betting line is the perfect example of how Election Odds can be a real pick’em.

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