Dems Heavily Favored To Win Popular Vote, Not So Much For Election

  • Joe Biden is the favorite to win the 2020 US Presidential Election with -160 odds.
  • The Democrats are heavily favored to win the popular vote with -500 odds but are only slight favorites to win the entire election at -165 odds.
  • Sportsbooks list Trump with +125 odds of being re-elected President of the United States.

WASHINGTON D.C. — The 2020 US Presidential Election is only 15 days away as both candidates begin to make their final pitches as to why the American people should vote them into office. The end of the campaign season means political bettors are running out of time to capitalize on this year's Election.

Since being named the Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden has kept a moderate lead over Donald Trump at sportsbooks.

Odds to Win 2020 US Presidential Election:

  • Joe Biden -160
  • Donald Trump +125
  • Mike Pence +5000
  • Kamala Harris +6600

Biden’s lead over Trump at the polls and sportsbooks shouldn’t come as a surprise. The President’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a leading factor in driving a wedge between Trump and being the favorite to win the Presidency.

Those odds aren’t the only way to bet on the 2020 US Presidential Election odds, as Bovada also has odds listed on which party will win the popular vote and overall Election.

US Presidential Election 2020 Betting Odds

Winning Party 2020 Election:

  • Democratic Party -165
  • Republican Party +125

The Democratic Party’s Odds to win the Presidential Election are more in line with Biden’s -160 odds. As securing enough delegates through the Electoral College will be the biggest hurdle for Biden to take the White House. The -165 odds for the Democrats to win the Election are worth the risk as Biden has a legitimate chance of coming out of the Election with the presidency.

Even in red states such as Georgia, Biden is polling ahead of Trump by a 2-point margin. Nonetheless betting on these odds is a lot better than taking the Democrats to win the popular vote.

Popular Vote Winner:

  • Democrats -500
  • Republicans +330

The Democrats are heavily favored to win the popular vote with -500 odds. The popular vote is the only aspect of political betting where the Democrats hold such a major advantage as the odds to win the Election by candidate and by party don’t show this kind of discrepancy. In 2016, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by more than two million votes but won through the Electoral College.

If looking to be decisive with your US Election bet it’s probably best to avoid betting on the Popular vote winner since Biden will likely win that by a landslide. The popular vote betting odds heavily favor the Democrats because they’ve won that vote in the past three Presidential Elections.

Going back even further, according to, the Republicans have only won the popular vote once since 1992. With Trump being so unpopular amongst the majority of voters in the city areas of the US he already knows his path to the White House is through the Electoral College just like in 2016.

The Democrats being favored for all the  election odds is a good sign for them, but come Election Day they’ll need a lot more than just the confidence of sportsbooks to unseat Trump.

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