Biden Favored In Swing States: Why Bettors Are Leaning Blue

  • Joe Biden still has -280 odds to win Arizona even after being declared.
  • Donald Trump has +360 longshot odds to win Pennsylvania despite having a strong lead.
  • The Trump campaign is pushing to stop the count of electoral votes.

WASHINGTON – The 2020 Presidential Election has proven to be one for the record books as even three days following Election Day, the results of the race have yet to be called.

The winner is going to be determined by the results of a few key swing states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada. Sports bettors are taking action on Joe Biden winning in all three.

Despite the odds stacked against him at online sportsbooks, however, President Donald Trump is leading with the counts. Why are sports bettors betting Biden then?

Betting On Biden

The election odds and the current counted results show a completely different picture. Despite Biden being favored in most of the remaining states, the results are neck and neck.

Pennsylvania Presidential Election Odds And Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Trump 50.4% (+360)
  • Biden 48.4% (-575)

Pennsylvania shockingly voted Republican in the 2016 election which lead to Donald Trump’s victory. Sports bettors are leaning towards Biden being able to flip the Keystone State back.

Despite the clear favorite odds on Biden’s side, Trump’s lead is significant in Pennsylvania. Sports bettors may want to lean in on the underdog odds for Trump. Although, the results are 87% reporting so there is plenty of time for Biden to close the gap.

Many of the remaining votes being counted are from the Philadelphia area which historically and currently is counting mostly Biden votes.

Nevada Presidential Election Odds And Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Biden 49.3% (-400)
  • Trump 48.7% (+300

Nevada has become the most important state in the election as its 6 Electoral College votes would automatically give a victory to the Biden camp. However, the lead Biden has over Trump is less than one percent.

Nevada has voted Democrat in the last three elections which explains why Biden is so heavily favored in this election.

Georgia Presidential Election Odds And Results (At Time Of Writing)

  • Trump 49.5% (+115)
  • Biden 49.2%(-150)

The Georgia race is extremely close. This is the most interesting betting line at online sportsbooks because Georgia is a historically red state, Donald Trump is ahead in the votes, and still, Biden is favored.

In fact, the Peach State has voted Republican in every race since 1996, over 20 years of red. It is unprecedented for a Democratic Candidate to be favored in Georgia. But, with so many votes that still need to be counted from a primarily blue Atlanta area, there is a chance that Biden can pull ahead.

But, for those that want to bet on recent history, they could be in for a nice payout when betting on Trump to win Georgia.

The election still has a long way to go before it’s finally over. Those betting on the 2020 Presidential Election still have plenty of time to get in on the action.

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