Female Vice President In 2020: What Are The Odds?

  • Bettors are allowed to wager on what the gender of the next Vice President will be.
  • Historically, all of the past Vice Presidents have been male.
  • No candidate with a female Vice Presidential candidate has ever won the Presidency.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Political bettors now have the opportunity to wager on what gender the next Vice President will be.

More election odds prop bets are becoming available every day. As the election year moves forward, more people start to wonder who will become President. By default, they also become curious about who will become the next Vice President.

Online sportsbooks are taking wagers on what the next gender of the next Vice President will be. At the moment, man is ahead with -260 odds. The next Vice President being a woman currently has +200 odds.

Past precedent is likely why people believe the next Vice President will be a man. The fact of the matter is that no woman has ever been the Vice President of the United States.

Back in 2008, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain ultimately lost that race to former President Barack Obama. Sources indicated that McCain regretted choosing Palin as his running mate. Many even suggested it was because of Palin that McCain ultimately lost his chance to become President.

That is not the only reason why bettors believe the next Vice President will be a man. In 2020, it is a re-election year for the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. Historically, many Presidents win their re-election, despite their performance. If President Trump wins, then Vice President Pence shall be re-elected as well.

The Democratic nominee has also not been decided yet. The Democrats will go through primary elections to decide who will challenge President Trump. Vice Presidential candidates will likely not be declared until the end of the primary elections.

For now, most bettors believe that the Vice President after the 2020 elections will be a man. It could be that a woman Vice Presidential candidate will never be declared. But if the Democratic nominee decides to change that, then the odds will likely shift around.

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