Pete Buttigieg Raises $24 Million, Qualifies For September Debates

  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg has raised $24 million in the second quarter fundraising period.
  • Buttigieg is the first to release his fundraising numbers.
  • The Mayor from South Bend, Indiana has qualified for the September Democratic debates.

WASHINGTON – On Monday, Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced he raised over $24 million in the second quarter.

Breakdown Of The Numbers

The second quarter of fundraising includes money raised in the last three months. In the first three months of the year, Mayor Buttigieg rose around $7 million. This means that he has risen about 3.5 times more money in the second quarter.

Mayor Buttigieg’s campaign said that they have received contributions from over 400,000 sources. This means that the average donation he received is $47. For comparison, Joe Biden said last month that he had 360,000 individual donors. Biden and the rest of the Democratic candidates have not released their numbers yet.

Qualifying For The Debates

There are over 20 Democratic candidates this year. Because of that, each candidate must meet certain qualifications to get on the debate stage. The next debates will take place on July 30 and 31 in Detroit. Candidates need to be polling at one percent in three separate polls and have 65,000 unique donors.

The candidates who have qualified for the July debates so far are:

  • Joe Biden
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • Sen. Kamala Harris
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  • Beto O’Rourke
  • Sen. Cory Booker
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar
  • Sen Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Julián Castro
  • Gov. Jay Inslee
  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  • Andrew Yang
  • Marianne Williamson

Compared to the first debates, there are six candidates missing right now. But, the qualifications for the September debates are much steeper. Candidates need to be polling at two percent on multiple polls and have 130,000 unique donors. Although there is still time before the deadline for the September debate, that thins out the field further.

The candidates who qualify for the September debates are:

  • Joe Biden
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  • Sen. Kamala Harris
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Only five candidates so far have qualified for the September debates. Mayor Buttigieg’s impressive fundraising numbers are propelling him forward to future debates. No other candidates have released their fundraising numbers yet. All candidates have until July 15 to report their numbers to the Federal Election Commission. Once they do, we will see how the Mayor from South Bend compares to the other front runner candidates. Keep following for the latest fundraising totals.

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