Presidential Election Odds Taking Shape Ahead Of Super Tuesday

  • Sportsbooks are getting in on the political side of the action with multiple bets posted for the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • The clear favorite to win in 2020 is current President Donald Trump who is campaigning for a second term in office.
  • For the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is topping the charts as the name that will represent them on the ballot for the Presidency.

NEW YORKBetting on the 2020 Presidential Election has a few favorites listed by online sportsbooks. There are quite a few bets surrounding the election that political buffs can gamble on.

The results of Super Tuesday, which is only a few short weeks away, will likely change all presidential election odds. That is why it may be beneficial to hop on the betting lines earlier than later.

From the winner of the Democratic nomination to the overall odds for the Presidential winner, everything is covered for the political bettor.

Bets On Politics

A handful of bets for the events leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election have made their way to sports betting operators. Of course, these bets are all about the Republican and Democratic Parties and which one is favored to win in any category. No other parties have made the list of posted bets for the election. Some wagers that gamblers can partake in include:

Which party will win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Sportsbooks favor the Republican Party (-180) with the Democratic Party as the underdog (+135) winner of the election.

Who will be the Democratic candidate that makes it onto the ballot for President?

  • Bernie Sanders (+145)
  • Michael Bloomberg (+200)
  • Joe Biden (+750)
  • Pete Buttigieg (+800)
  • Amy Klobuchar (+1400)

Which candidate will represent the Republican Party on the ballot?

  • Donald Trump (-5000)
  • Mike Pence (+2500)
  • Nikki Haley (+2500)
  • Mitt Romney (+4000)
  • Ben Sasse (+6000)

Which Party will win the Popular vote in the 2020 Presidential Election?

  • Democratic Party (-165)
  • Republican Party (-125)

And the biggest bet of them all is who will win the 2020 Presidential Election to become the next President of the United States. President Trump (-170) has been chosen by bookmakers to be reelected for a second term. Bernie Sanders comes in second with odds of (+375). The remaining three are Michael Bloomberg (+500), Joe Biden (+1600), and Pete Buttigieg (+2000).

As the 2020 Presidential Election gets closer, more bets for gamblers to take part in will be listed. Nevada and South Carolina Primaries this week will surely shift lines.

The lines will also change with time as each candidate furthers their campaigning. The 2020 Democratic National Convention being held in July will be selecting the candidate to represent the Democratic Party on the 2020 Presidential Ballot.

Once a candidate is named, the debates will begin shortly after. On November 3, 2020, the Presidential Election will take place and voters nationwide will be able to select the President for the next term. Until then, bets on the election will continue to be listed and changed as the campaign season continues.

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