Should Jay Inslee Focus On Healthcare?

  • Governor Jay Inslee has passed many healthcare bills in Washington.
  • Inslee believes focusing on climate change will bring in more voters.
  • Inslee is having a hard time breaking one percent in the polls.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.Gov. Jay Inslee has done more for Washington state with healthcare rather than climate change.

A Strong History With Healthcare

The state of Washington has passed a couple of healthcare bills under Gov. Inslee. In the fall, Washington will have the first public option for healthcare in the country. The Washington government will contract with a private insurer to provide cheaper healthcare. Projections state that the public option will be about 10 percent cheaper than regular insurance.

He also signed into law a bill that will ease the pressure of long-term healthcare. For people who have any in-home assistance, they will receive a $100 allowance every day. This $100 will not solve every single issue, but it will help ease some financial burden.

Gov. Inslee also signed bills that will help protect patients from “surprise” medical bills. His administration also pushes for controlling drug prices. He also is pushing for expanding Medicaid to cover transgender patients. With such a good history in healthcare, why is Gov. Inslee focusing on climate change?

The Climate Change Push

“Those things become moot if the entire ecosystem collapses on which human life depends. “This is a unique issue. It is unique because our survival depends upon it,” said Gov. Inslee.

Inslee believes that focusing on the environment will bring in more voters. Polls show that climate change is already a big concern for Democratic voters. Focusing on climate change will not bring anybody new to the Democratic party.

Even so, Gov. Inslee is set to focus on climate change. He wants the United States to move to 100 percent clean energy by 2030. It would cost about $3 trillion to do and his plan would bring in millions of jobs.

The fact of the matter is, few voters even know who Governor Jay Inslee is. He is barely breaking one percent in a number of the polls. On Bovada, Gov. Inslee’s election odds to become the Democratic candidate are +10000. Gov. Inslee has a chance to prove himself at the Climate Change town hall on CNN.

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