2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1: Biggest Props To Bet On

  • The Democratic Primary Debate will cover a plethora of topics, but which are the biggest for prop bets?
  • Gamblers, in general, will be able to make the debates more exciting by participating in these wagers.
  • The two-night event will feature 10 candidates each night that will take the stage.

MIAMI – The first Democratic primary for the 2020 Presidential election will begin June 26th in Miami. Twenty of the top candidates will take the stage to discuss and debate their stance on a variety of topics, should they be elected. With this debate comes plenty of election odds prop bets for the political gambler. Prop bets are fun wagers that can turn even the most mundane into an exciting time for all.

Which Prop Bets are the Biggest?

President Donald Trump will be a focal point during these debates, but just how many times will his name be mentioned among candidates? Any mention of Trump, no matter in which way he is addressed counts towards the final tally. The over and under odds are -115 that his name will be said 45.5 times during the course of the debate.

The second biggest prop bet lies within the world of Twitter. It is no secret that Trump loves to speak his mind through this social media platform. How many times will he tweet during the debates? Any original tweets by the President will count between 9:00 pm and 11:15 pm ET. Retweets will not be counted towards his tweet number. Currently, the over for 2.5 tweets is at -200 while the under is carrying odds of +160.

Let’s be honest, how many people actually know how to pronounce the last name of Pete Buttigieg, the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana? Outside of the Hoosier State, it’s a good bet that his last name is mispronounced, making it on the list of prop bets for the Democratic primary debate. How many times will the mayor’s name be mispronounced on air? The under of 1.5 has odds of -260 while the over has odds of +110. To be clear (so viewers have the ability to count any mistakes), it’s pronounced “Boot-a-judge.”

Out of the ten candidates that will be speaking on the second night of debates, which one will get the most stage time? Bernie Sanders leads the boards; however, he speaks quite slowly and that could always be the factor giving him the edge in the eyes of bookmakers. Sanders has +325 odds of being the candidate to speak the longest in comparison to his opponents.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been given the same odds as Sanders at +325. While he doesn’t speak as slowly, he does take his time thinking of his answers. His age may be a reason as to why he takes so long when answering questions. Following these candidates is Pete Buttigieg with odds of +450 and Kamala Harris with +500 to speak the most during the first night of the Democratic debates. The remaining six, Andrew Yang, Eric Swalwell, John Hickenlooper, Kirsten Gillibrand, Marianne Williamson, and Michael Bennet are all tied with odds of +1000.

The last of the most popular prop bets for the Democratic primary debate is which topic will be brought up first by the moderator on June 26th. Gun control is holding strong as the issue to be brought up first with odds of +350. However, it is tied with health care. Both topics are very much relevant to today so there is no question as to why they are both your best bets to kick off the debates.

Climate issues have been given odds of +450 to be spoken about first during the 2019 Democratic debate. However, there was pushback for this issue being a key point of the initial Democratic debate so this may not be the topic that’ll get things started as a few candidates’ campaigns are centered on climate control. This would allow them an unfair advantage.

Other topics with odds to start off the night are the economy with +500, impeachment with +550, immigration with +650, Iran or North Korea with odds of +750, wall/border security with +1000 odds and retirement with odds of +1500.

All of these issues have been mentioned in the media and are very current, making them all things that will be discussed, but the bet on this one is, which one will be spoken about first? The fun begins on Wednesday, June 26th and runs through Thursday, June 27th from 9:00pm-11:00 pm ET on both nights. The debate will be televised on both NBC and MSNBC networks.

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