Cory Booker

A Personal Speech About Gun Control Gives Cory Booker The Spotlight

Sen. Cory Booker gave a very personal speech about gun control. The second debate happens on Thursday and will feature frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The odds of who is going to speak the most in the second debate …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debates

2020 Democratic Primary Debates: A Recap Of Night One

President Donald Trump’s name was mentioned 35 times in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debate. Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio had the most interruptions of the night. Beto O’Rourke went bilingual while on stage. MIAMI – There …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1

2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1: Biggest Props To Bet On

The Democratic Primary Debate will cover a plethora of topics, but which are the biggest for prop bets? Gamblers, in general, will be able to make the debates more exciting by participating in these wagers. The two-night event will feature …

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1st Democratic Debates

1st Democratic Debates: How To Watch & Topics To Look Out For

There will be two Democratic debates this week, one on Wednesday and one Thursday. Each debate will have 10 candidates and five moderators. Three different news networks will air the debates. MIAMI – The first 2019 Democratic debate will air …

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