Female Democratic Candidates

NH Study Finds Female Candidates Less Likeable Among Voters

Research shows a candidate needs to be liked to be elected into office by a voter. Voters are more likely to vote for a male candidate that they don’t like than a female candidate. While these women are just as …

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Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg The Latest Democratic Candidate To Unveil Social Security Proposal

Democratic candidates have been rolling out their Social Security proposals as the funds for the program are dwindling. Pete Buttigieg’s proposal would like to balance out the tax and the income taken for Social Security. Per Pew Research Center, people …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1

2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1: Biggest Props To Bet On

The Democratic Primary Debate will cover a plethora of topics, but which are the biggest for prop bets? Gamblers, in general, will be able to make the debates more exciting by participating in these wagers. The two-night event will feature …

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Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado

Sen. Michael Bennet To Reform Government In Latest Campaign Plan

Bennet’s new plan will be the focal point of his entire campaign. This plan centers around banning a constitutional amendment known as Citizens United. The senator will be speaking at the first Democratic primary debate in late June. DENVER – …

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden Talks Civility Amongst Segregationist Politicians In Latest Speech

Joe Biden believes things were done in a more civilized manner when he worked with segregationists. Biden noted two great men that were able to “get things done” James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, two former senators. The focal point of …

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Democratic Debate - Climate Change

Climate Change Declined By DNC As Major Debate Topic For 1st Primary

Out of a number of Democratic candidates, twenty have been chosen for the first primary debate. Climate change is a topic that voters would like to hear being discussed, however, the DNC has declined a debate centered around the issue. …

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