Elizabeth Warren Drops Out Of Presidential Race

  • Elizabeth Warren is suspending her presidential campaign.
  • Warren was not favored to win the Democratic nomination, but her absence could lead to a bump for fellow progressive Bernie Sanders.
  • Joe Biden is currently the betting favorite to take the Democratic nomination.

NEW YORK – Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren has suspended her campaign, effectively dropping out of the presidential race on Thursday. This would leave the race as a battle between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race, although she has only received one (1) delegate.

As of this very moment, Biden leads Sanders with 591 delegates to Sanders’ 531. Warren was third with 65 delegates, followed by the similarly exiting Michael Bloomberg, who had 58 delegates.

Many have presumed Warren’s supporters would flock to Bernie Sanders, but the Massachusetts Senator has been increasingly vocal about her differences with Sanders in recent months, and their campaigns have diverged from a previous relatively harmonious coexistence.

Warren's Super Tuesday Failures

This exit follows a disappointing Super Tuesday for Warren – 14 states voted, and she didn’t finish in the top 2 in any of them, as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden gobbled up the delegates and the votes.

Although Warren had been mentioning that she planned to keep campaigning until the Democratic National Convention, presenting herself as a unity candidate that could satisfy both Biden and Sanders supporters, the poor showing on Super Tuesday was apparently enough to force her hand into dropping out of the race.

It had been previously reported that Persist PAC, the political action committee that spent around $9 million supporting Warren’s campaign, would not be spending any further money on her behalf, so perhaps this was less of a surprise than many thought.

Current 2020 Presidential Election Odds

Warren’s primary odds had already dropped significantly after her failure to finish in the top 2 in any of the first four primaries or caucuses.

Current 2020 Presidential Election Odds:

  • Donald Trump -240
  • Joe Biden +160
  • Bernie Sanders +1000

With Warren out of the race, the presumptive favorite for the nomination of the Democratic Party is former Vice-President Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders’ hopes are perhaps pinned on his ground game and winning over former Warren supporters.

However, Warren finds herself in the potential running for the Democratic Vice President.

Current Democratic Vice President Odds:

  • Kamala Harris +250
  • Stacey Abrams +400
  • Amy Klobuchar +500
  • Elizabeth Warren +800
  • Pete Buttigieg +900

Though her presidential run is over, her time in Washington may have just begun. Many states vote next week, and those results should be quite telling of the state of what is now functionally a two-man race for the Democratic nomination.

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