Inslee Seeks Reelection As Governor After Ending Presidential Bid

  • Gov. Jay Inslee is dropping out of the 2020 Presidential Election.
  • Gov. Inslee was not going to make it to the fall debate.
  • Gov. Inslee says that he will run for a third term as Washington’s Governor.

OLYMPIA, Wash.Governor Jay Inslee has dropped out of the Presidential race. He announced his reelection bid for Governor last week.

Gov. Inslee’s Presidential campaign failed to gain much traction. He started off as an unknown governor from Washington. During his campaign, he became a single-issue candidate. He only focused on climate change. As the campaign trail moved forward, other candidates talked about their plans to tackle climate change. This left Gov. Inslee very little to stand on and ruined his election odds.

But Gov. Inslee did have some support. On Monday, Gov. Inslee announced his campaign had 130,000 individual donors. This is one of the requirements that is needed to make it to the fall debates. But this came far too late.

The deadline to qualify for the fall debates ends next week. Gov. Inslee has only met one of the requirements to make it to the fall debates. He still needed to poll at two percent in four different polls. Inslee has not polled at two percent in any of the necessary polls. Gov. Inslee realized he would not make it to the fall debates. Because of that, he has decided to drop out of the race.

But Gov. Inslee did have an impactful campaign. Many of the remaining Democratic candidates sent out tweets thanking Inslee for talking about climate change. Many promised that they would continue the fight against climate change as well.

This is not the last you will see of Gov. Jay Inslee. He announced on Twitter that he is seeking a third term as Washington’s governor.

In his announcement, Gov. Inslee says that Washington is a beacon for progressive politics. He says that he wants Washington to continue to be a progressive model for the rest of the country. He wants to strengthen Washington’s role in the country and oppose President Trump.

Governors in Washington do not have any term limits. Gov. Inslee would be the first third-term governor in Washington in over 43 years. It is currently unknown how Gov. Inslee’s Presidential bid will affect his reelection bid.

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