RNC, Trump Currently Have Over $61.8 Million To Spend

  • The RNC raised $14.6 million in May.
  • President Trump launched his re-election campaign and rose $24.8 million.
  • Combined, the Democratic candidates have raised $77 million.

WASHINGTON – The RNC and President Trump have a strong fundraising start for his re-election bid.

Big Money Coming In

May was a big month for Republicans. The RNC rose more than $14.6 million during the month of May. Many large Republican donors contributed to the RNC during May. The RNC was not the only one who received a large number of donations.

This month, President Donald Trump launched his re-election campaign on Tuesday. Within the first 24-hours of his campaign launch, President Trump rose $24.8 million. This number is much higher than the Democratic candidates. Former Vice President Joe Biden rose $6.3 million during the first 24-hours of his campaign.

The RNC currently has $37 million on hand. Now that President Trump is on the campaign trail, that gives Republicans $61.8 to spend. A large percentage of that money is going into the efforts to re-elect Trump as President.

The RNC plans to spend that money on hand in key states that President Trump needs to win. Not only that, but the RNC is training volunteers and organizers to get people to vote for Trump. With Trump officially starting his re-election campaign, the RNC can get started with their efforts to support the President.

Are The Democrats Falling Behind?

President Trump outraised each individual Democratic candidate. But that does not mean that he has more money than all of them combined. During March, the Democratic candidates rose more than the RNC and Trump did. Combined, the Democrats rose around $77 million.

ElectionOdds.com knows it is common that the sitting President and their party will outraise their opponents. The RNC said they would support Trump and Republicans are looking to stay in control.

Right now, there are 20 Democratic candidates up for consideration. This leaves donations going in 20 different directions, 21 if you include towards the DNC. Trump will have an advantage in the early stages until a Democratic candidate is decided. Once one candidate is chosen, then the spending numbers will become a much bigger factor.

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