Sen. Michael Bennet To Reform Government In Latest Campaign Plan

  • Bennet’s new plan will be the focal point of his entire campaign.
  • This plan centers around banning a constitutional amendment known as Citizens United.
  • The senator will be speaking at the first Democratic primary debate in late June.

DENVER – Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is very passionate when it comes to politics. In January, when the federal government had a shutdown that lasted 35 days, he came up with his plan to fix the system. In order to do this, his campaign will focus on overturning a constitutional amendment known as Citizens United.

Citizens United gives politics the power of unlimited spending. Not only does he wish to repeal this amendment, but he also wants to prohibit political gerrymandering, lift a ban which doesn’t allow politicians in Congress to become lobbyists and employ ranked choice voting. Bennet has a very long list of reforms for the current political system. He believes that all the changes that the people want to see will require reforming the Democratic ways of today.

“There’s not an alternative mechanism for us to resolve our disputes and move the country ahead,” said Bennet in an exclusive interview with POLITICO. “If we need to clean it up the way Teddy Roosevelt cleaned it up when he became president, before we can do a lot of this work, that’s something we need to do.”

Bennet’s Campaign

Sen. Bennet believes that the federal government shutdown was caused by the three main things he wishes to change. Rampant gerrymandering among politicians, parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and the Citizens United amendment which caused all elections to become too expensive. Bennet believes in the unification of government with the pressing issues of the public.

Despite what many of his fellow Democratic candidates believe, the media included, Bennet does not believe that Donald Trump is the problem with America. He believes it’s the system, which is why he will continue his campaign on preaching his ideas of how to revamp the entire way the government in the United States works.

“This idea, somehow, that Donald Trump is the problem, and if we just get rid of Donald Trump, it’ll all go back to the bipartisan work that was done here, that some people are saying. That’s clearly incorrect,” said Bennet when asked about President Donald Trump’s America. *

Climate change is also an issue that Bennet would like to tackle if elected as President. His idea towards climate change is more “do-able” than that of his opponents. In a proposal written by Bennet and his team, it states:

“Our plan intentionally engages a broad coalition of Americans to ensure that our approach to climate change not only is sufficiently ambitious, but will endure across American elections and administrations. To combat this crisis as fast as possible, we must reignite America’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit in a shared mission. We must do the hard work to build a diverse coalition here at home, and we can, once again, lead the world."

Sen. Bennet will take the stage during the first Democratic Primary debate on June 27 in Miami to discuss his views on various subjects. Interestingly enough, Bennet has +1000 odds to speak the most at the debate. Currently, Bennet is not among his opponents in terms of odds for winning the election. That could always change after his first primary debate appearance.

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