Al Franken - Kristen Gillibrand

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand Speaks Out On Franken’s 2018 Resignation

In 2017, conservative talk-radio host Leeann Tweeden said Al Franken kissed her by force in 2006. Three weeks after Tweeden’s accusation, Franken resigned but he now regrets that decision. Eight different women came forward and accused Franken of unwanted sexual …

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Female Democratic Candidates

NH Study Finds Female Candidates Less Likeable Among Voters

Research shows a candidate needs to be liked to be elected into office by a voter. Voters are more likely to vote for a male candidate that they don’t like than a female candidate. While these women are just as …

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Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg The Latest Democratic Candidate To Unveil Social Security Proposal

Democratic candidates have been rolling out their Social Security proposals as the funds for the program are dwindling. Pete Buttigieg’s proposal would like to balance out the tax and the income taken for Social Security. Per Pew Research Center, people …

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Democratic nominees

Dems Now Favored Over GOP To Win 2020 Presidential Election

The Republican Party has held a lead over the Democrats since Donald Trump’s first year in office. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are the heavy favorites to win the Democratic ticket. Despite not announcing his presidency efforts, Vice-President Mike Pence …

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Cory Booker

A Personal Speech About Gun Control Gives Cory Booker The Spotlight

Sen. Cory Booker gave a very personal speech about gun control. The second debate happens on Thursday and will feature frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The odds of who is going to speak the most in the second debate …

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2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1

2020 Democratic Primary Debate No. 1: Biggest Props To Bet On

The Democratic Primary Debate will cover a plethora of topics, but which are the biggest for prop bets? Gamblers, in general, will be able to make the debates more exciting by participating in these wagers. The two-night event will feature …

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Democratic Candidates

Democratic Candidates Trump President Trump In Latest Polls

President Trump approval ratings decrease on a state-by-state basis. • In states that impact the election the most, Trump is losing to the Democratic candidates. • Trump took Iowa over Hillary Clinton in the previous election by a 10-point margin …

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