Joe Biden

Joe Biden Talks Civility Amongst Segregationist Politicians In Latest Speech

Joe Biden believes things were done in a more civilized manner when he worked with segregationists. Biden noted two great men that were able to “get things done” James Eastland and Herman Talmadge, two former senators. The focal point of …

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President Donald Trump kicks off his campaign tour in Orlando, Florida

President Donald Trump Kicks Off 2020 Presidential Campaign Tour In Orlando

President Donald Trump will announce his bid for re-election in Orlando on June 18th. Trump will discuss the positive changes he’s made while in office. It is his belief that should he not win the 2020 Presidential election, there will …

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Eliminate Student Debt Now Vs. Later

WASHINGTON – Senator Elizabeth Warren does not want to wait until she is President to eliminate student debt. Sen. Warren has gained a lot of momentum since she said that she wanted to eliminate student debt. This is not just …

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Democratic Debate - Climate Change

Climate Change Declined By DNC As Major Debate Topic For 1st Primary

Out of a number of Democratic candidates, twenty have been chosen for the first primary debate. Climate change is a topic that voters would like to hear being discussed, however, the DNC has declined a debate centered around the issue. …

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Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Explains Again What Democratic Socialism Is

WASHINGTON – Senator Bernie Sanders gave a speech at George Washington University on Wednesday about what “democratic socialism means to him. A Familiar Speech Sen. Sanders made a similar speech about democratic socialism back in November 2015. He repeated his …

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Democratic Candidates

Democratic Candidates Trump President Trump In Latest Polls

President Trump approval ratings decrease on a state-by-state basis. • In states that impact the election the most, Trump is losing to the Democratic candidates. • Trump took Iowa over Hillary Clinton in the previous election by a 10-point margin …

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Senator Kristen Gillibrand

Plan To Legalize Marijuana Could Increase Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s Presidential Odds

With campaigning well underway for the 2020 Democratic candidates, Senator Kristen Gillibrand rolls out plan to legalize marijuana All nonviolent crimes involving marijuana will no longer be on record under this plan Medical marijuana would be covered by insurance companies …

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