Current 2020 Presidential Betting Odds For Tim Ryan

If you are looking for the 2020 Presidential betting odds for Tim Ryan, then you are too late. Tim Ryan is a Congressman from Ohio and he believed that he was the best person to take on Donald Trump. But as time moved on, it became evident that was not the case. Even though Ryan made it to the first debates the qualifications became stricter and he failed to qualify for a majority of them. He also ran out of campaign funds to fuel his campaign and show the American people why he should win the Democratic nomination.

With all of that, Tim Ryan has dropped out of the election. If you look at odds boards, he is no longer there because the sportsbooks know that no one will take any action on Tim Ryan anymore. But that does not mean the end. You can still bet on any one of the remaining candidates instead of Tim Ryan. There are plenty of potential candidates that you can wager on instead of betting on Ryan. If you want to learn more about Tim Ryan and political betting, read the rest of this page to find out more.


Is It Legal To Bet On The 2020 Presidential Election?

Yes, it is definitely legal for you to bet on the 2020 Presidential election. But state-based sportsbooks are not allowed to offer odds on the election. There are laws that prevent state-based sportsbooks from offering odds on the Presidential elections and other political elections. This means that you are likely not going to find election odds at a local sportsbook. But that doesn’t mean that betting on the election itself is against the law. If you go to one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks, you will be able to legally wager on the 2020 election. Unfortunately, you can no longer wager on Tim Ryan due to him dropping out.

Best Sites To Bet On Tim Ryan Odds

Although you can no longer bet on Tim Ryan, the best place to bet on the 2020 elections will be on online offshore sportsbooks. Land-based sportsbooks are not allowed to put odds on the elections, so all betting will have to take place online. This is fine because you are going to find better and fairer odds for the elections online. If you want to know the best places to get your bets in for the 2020 election, check out our reviews of the best online offshore sportsbooks down below.


Bovada Sports Betting

Although you cannot wager on Tim Ryan anymore, if you want consistently updated 2020 election betting odds and the rest of the 2020 Presidential election candidates, then Bovada is the number one place to go to. When big events happen such as debates or large media news, Bovada updates their odds election boards to reflect what is going on in the world. If you are looking for consistency, fair odds, and a chance to win big money during the Presidential elections, then Bovada should be your number one pick.

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BetOnline Sports Betting

Are you looking for a good place to bet on the 2020 election? Do you want to know the latest Tim Ryan betting odds? Then BetOnline should be the place you go to. This online offshore sportsbook has some of the fairest odds that you will ever find. They have been consistent in the fact that they update their odds to how gamblers are betting and what is going on with the election. They have some of the best odds out there, and you will certainly not lose out if you decide you want to bet on Tim Ryan here.

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2020 Presidential Candidate Bio: Tim Ryan

Representative Tim Ryan is part of the Democratic Party and he is currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives  (Ohio). Rep. Tim Ryan was born on July 16th, 1973, and he will be 47 at the time of the 2020 Presidential Election. His Catholic faith and party affiliation helped shaped his positions on a wide number of topics. Rep. Ryan was born in Niles, Ohio. Rep. Tim Ryan’s parents divorced when he was seven years old and Tim was raised only by his mother. He was into athletics and got a scholarship for football at Youngstown State University. Ryan suffered a knee injury and lost his scholarship. He then transferred to Bowling Green State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Rep. Ryan is currently married to Andrea Zetts, who works as a school teacher. She and Tim have a son together. Ryan also is living together with Zetts’s two other children from a previous relationship.

Professional Background:

After his time in college, Representative Ryan joined the staff of Ohio Congressmen. In 2001, Rep. Ryan entered the political sphere himself when he was elected to be a member of the Ohio Senate. The prior congressman was convicted of criminal charges, and Ryan was elected to take his place for the rest of the term. He only stayed for the remainder of the previous term and left his position within the Ohio Senate in late 2002.

In 2003, Representative Tim Ryan assumed his position as a member of the U.S House of Representatives for Ohio. Early in his career as a member of the House, he voted for the Stupak Amendment which caused further federal restrictions for funding abortions. He has since then reconsidered his position and now says he is pro-choice. Rep. Ryan has also been on the record against the Bush administration about the draft reinstatement denial. Rep. Ryan has voted for punitive trade tariffs against China. He has also publicly helped undocumented immigrants stay in the country. Ryan was also a supported the Iran nuclear deal.